My first year as a blogger

First of all I have to say that 2011 was a great year. One big thing for me last year was the birth of my blog. I actually created my blog on November 2010 but made my first “shy” post on February 2011. I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog or not. In the first month I had 51 visits on my blog. I did a couple of more posts in the following months but monthly visits were still less than 50 per month. I was on twitter but had less than 100 followers at that time. I wanted to blog but wasn’t sure if it was really worth it.

In May I attended EMC World and met lots of great people there. My blog visits went up to 200 in that month and I also gained a few more twitter followers. After May I didn’t post as much as I should have and the visits dropped again. I was still active on twitter and kept interacting with the people that I met at EMC world.

On August I was implementing few VNXe 3300s and decided to blog about my hands-on experience. I was planning to do only four posts about it but it eventually grew to a seven post series + a couple of additional follow up posts. I was amazed to see almost 1000 visits on my blog in August. Apparently this was a hot topic. In August I also attended VMworld where I again met lots of great people. I also had many great talks about the VNXe posts that I had made and also generally about VNXe, storage and virtualization. Also some EMC folks had noticed my blog and contacted me. I started to feel good about the blog and writing.

One of the great conversations that I had in VMworld was the one that I had with Scott Lowe about VNXe. I’ve been reading Scott’s blog for years and also read a couple of his books but this was the first time that I met him in person. After VMworld Scott mentioned me and my VNXe hands-on series on his blog. The day that Scott published the post was the busiest day on my blog with 450 views. Thanks to Scott, September was also the busiest month of my blog with 4300 views.

VNXe seemed to be a really interesting topic last year. After September I still got over 3000 visitors per month through the end of the year. Also by end of the year I reached 400 followers on twitter. So Thank you(!) for all my followers, subscribers and random blog readers.

Blog Stats

– 16,374 total visits in 2011 (15900 between August – December)

– 4300 visits on the busiest month (September)

– 450 visits on the busiest day (September 12)

– 20 Posts

Top 5 posts:

– Hands-on with VNXe 3300 Part 1: Initial setup (2305 views)

Hands-on with VNXe 3300 Part 6: Performance (1916 views)

Hands-on with VNXe 3300 Part 2: iSCSI and NFS servers (1794 views)

Running ESXi 5 on VMware Player (1300 views)

Hands-on with VNXe 3300 Part 3: Software update (1271 views)

In my opinion these are quite good numbers for someone who just started blogging. Like I have already said before: you have to start from somewhere.

What’s up for 2012?

Well 2012 is going to be even better. I have several interesting projects coming up and I’m really looking forward to those. One is hopefully taking place in January and involving VNXe (surprise surprise). Most importantly I’ll keep blogging and trying to stay active on twitter also. I have serveral posts lined up and new ideas evolve in my head almost daily. I guess that’s what blogging is all about. Writing helps me relax but with busy days at work, wife and two small kids at home and hobbies it is sometimes hard to find the time. I also have to thank my amazing wife for being so understanding.

This year will also bring some changes for me and my family but I will tell more about it later.  I’m excited but still have some mixed feelings.

Thanks again y’all and have a great year 2012!



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