VNXe Operating Environment 2.1.1

[Edited 10/12/2011] Apparently EMC has pulled back the VNXe OE MR1 SP1 ( and it is not available for download anymore. According to EMC new image and release notes will be available soon.      

EMC has released VNXe operating environment version (2.1 SP 1) for VNXe 3100 and 3300. And how did I find out about the new update? Well my VNXe told me about it:

Release notes and software are available on The first thing that I noticed on the short description on the upgrade package was that VNXe OE has to be or higher before upgrading to 2.1.1. On the release notes I couldn’t find any mention about this. The only mention about mandatory upgrade is that VNXe should be upgraded to version 2.0.2 or later within 42 days of the initial VNXe installation or otherwise the system has to be powered off before upgrade (KB article emc265195). I also mentioned about this issue on my previous post about VNXe software update. So I contacted the support using chat and quickly got a confirmation that the VNXe has to be on before upgrading to 2.1.1.

Here is a quick pick of the new features, enhancements and fixes. Full descriptions can be found from the release notes.

New features and enhancements

6+1 RAID5 is now supported on VNXe 3100 with SAS drives and user-defined pools. Automatic configuration will still use 4+1 RAID5 for SAS drives.

EFD drives and 1TB NL SAS drives are now supported on VNXe 3300 DPE and DAE.

There have also been improvements to Unisphere performance.


  • Looping problem that might cause SP to boot when network or power cable is disconnected
  • Issues with email alerts
  • Issues with password reset button causing SP to reboot
  • Error with hidden shared folders
  • VMFS datastore creation issues

There is also a long list of known problems and limitations. Couple of those concern VMware integration and are good to keep in mind:

  • VMFS datastore created from VNXe will be VMFS3 an use 8MB blocksize.
  • Manual rescan for storage is required after deleting datastore from standalone ESX server

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