Unisphere showing LUN in two pools after migration

Just wanted to do a quick post about Unisphere showing  LUN in two pools after migrating LUN from one pool to another. There is also a quick fix for it: close your browser window and log back in to Unisphere. This small glitch rose my blood pressure for a while and I already started thinking through all kinds of data corruption issues that it might cause.

Here is what happened: I have two pools, Pool 0 and Pool 1. Using Unisphere GUI I migrated LUN from Pool 0 to Pool 1 and the migration went throught just fine. After the migration I noticed that the migrated LUN was showing up in both pools. I tried refreshing both ‘Pools’ and ‘Detailed’ views, I also went to different tabs and back to the ‘Pools/RAID Groups’ view and refreshed views again. LUN was still in both pools. Properties for that specific LUN were identical on both pools. Luckily closing the browser window and logging back in to Unisphere solved this issue.

I’ve been using Unisphere since FLARE 30 was released and haven’t seen this kind of behaviour before. I’ve seen Unisphere to hang (just showing white screen) and crash several times but nothing like this has ever happened.

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